How much does a 3 Bedroom house cost to build in Kenya

Anytime someone thinks of developing house, in the beginning comes to mind is the cost. This is why we have this topic, “How much does a 3 bedroom house cost to build in Kenya”? There are several considerations or factors that determine the cost of a house.
Factors that determine the cost;

  1. Location

This is the first thing to consider when thinking about the cost of any house. Generally speaking, the costs of construction differ from Nairobi to coastal rate of Mombasa and to western region rate of Kisumu.
For low rise apartments, it will cost you Ksh.36, 000 per square metre of construction while in Nairobi; it will cost you Ksh.35, 000 per square metre of construction. Coastal region led by Mombasa will cost you Ksh.37, 000 per square metre.
Suppose you want to build a 3 bedroom bungalow house in Kisumu with a total plinth area of 50 square metres, what is the estimated cost of the house? You will likely to spend around Ksh1.8M with a variation of plus or minus 10%.
Suppose you want to build a low cost 3 bedroom bungalow residential in Kenya with a total plinth area of 50 square metres, what will it cost you? For Kisumu, you will spend Ksh.32, 000 per square metre meaning you will spend in total Ksh.1, 600, 000. In Mombasa at the rate of Ksh.33, 000 per square metre, it will cost you Ksh.1, 650, 000.In Nairobi with a unit square cost of Ksh.31, 000, it will cost you Ksh.1, 550, 000.

  1. Type of design

The fashioning a house will dictate the nature and quantity of materials to use. If you build a 3 bedroom maisonette house, you will have to use more materials than if you are doing a 3 bedroom bungalow house. You will needs a lot of steel because of the additional slab and also the walls will be reinforced better to hold the slab and upper rooms.

  1. The targeted quality

In construction, the quality of finishing influences the cost. If you want a low quality finish, then you will opt for fairly cheap materials. If you want a standard finish, the cost of materials will go upper as compared to low quality. Similarly, if you want to do a high class quality, you have to be ready to spend more.
For example, depending on the quality you must achieve, bricks or blocks may not be used. You may opt for a specific type of stones or if its block, then it must be of a specific type of blocks done in a specified manner.

  1. Size of the rooms

Smaller rooms cost less than larger rooms. You must balance which rooms need to be larger and which ones can be narrow or smaller. This will save you a lot of materials hence saving money.

  1. Additions to the main house

The cost of a house will go up with every addition you bring in. If you extend a section to create a garage, that will drive the cost up. Some of the additions which drive the cost of a house up include garage, balcony, porches (front or back) or even storage room. You have to wait critically to see what you really need and what you can do without.
Having looked at the above factors, let’s dig deep into some figures to help you. The standard rate for building a residential house is in the region of Ksh25, 000 to Ksh35, 000 per square metre. This is standard quality with basic provisions.
Suppose you want to build a 3 bedroom house bungalow with a plinth area of 80 square metres, what are you likely to spend? Depending on the region, you will spend between Ksh.2M to Ksh2.8M. This is a house measuring 8metres by 10 metres or 26feet by 32 feet.
Are you wondering How much does a 3 bedroom house cost to build in Kenya? Feel free to message me your budget then I’ll inform you on what you can achieve with budget.

Author: akoth